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Trips out 2010  Silverstone Pony Club Centre

I hope you have all had a great Christmas and New Year. 

It’s that time of year again when I am planning the next year’s horse events to watch.  This year I have got the pony club a new bigger diary.  I have sat down and looked up show jumping, dressage, eventing, racing, and showing within the counties of Northampton, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire and Bedfordshire for shows for you and your family.  All details found have been written in the diary so please get your parents to take a few minutes to look so that you can all go and enjoy a great day out with your deck chair in the summer. 

If you find any other events that you would like to tell pony club members about please feel free to write them in the diary or email to Nicky and details can be circulated easily.  As events come along for you to watch or compete in, either away at other venues or at the stables I will put them in the diary.  Due to insurance purposes I am unable to take children to shows without their parents present.  Therefore your parents have to be with you at shows. 

Big shows we could plan to go to.

The British Open.  9th April 2010.  £22 / adults; £12 / Child.  Money is needed by 11th Feb 2010.

HOYS.  6th – 10th October (Probably Sunday).

Royal Windsor.  13th – 16th May 2010.

Olympia just before Christmas.

Tickets can be booked on group bookings discount but we are not organising coach trips.  Travel is organised by yourselves which usually means meeting at the events.

All dates in the diary have websites addresses, phone numbers and show centre details written in the back of the diary.  If I am sitting with you at the shows I am very happy to go around with you and find riders for autographs. 

Also details of the governing bodies at Stoneleigh are in the diary.  It is these websites where all the information is found.  Smaller eventing event details can be found nearer the time.  These details will be put in the information or please ask for more information.

Prices – Most events are free. Small eventing is about £10 / car.  Small shows are about £5 - £10 / person.  Large Shows are about £10 - £20 / person.  Large events could be about £10 - £20 / person.

The show centres are very friendly, but only horses and can be very cold in the winter.  The small and larger shows have lots of events and trade stands for all the family to enjoy, not being just horses.  The larger the event the more trade stands and activities to do,

I hope you and your family have some great days out in 2010.