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Pony Club Newsletter

Important information about the summer term.

The first week of the summer term you can choose from the following fun events.


Monday 19th

Mini Show.  3 7 years.              1 2.30pm.             6 / class

Fancy dress, Gymkhana, Handy Pony.

Adult Fun.    7.30 9.30pm.       20.               Grooming, Riding & Stable Management.

Tuesday 20th

Games Evening.     15     4 6pm

Suitable for all.  Mounted & Dismounted games including polo and horse ball.

6.30pm onwards.  Quiz & fun quiz for everyone.  MOVED FROM WEDNESDAY.

Wednesday 21st

NEW 4.30 8.30pm.  Show Jumping Evening for ALL.     15

Starting with poles for beginners or lacking in confidence.  Course building followed by a show jumping quiz.  You can do as much of the evening as you would like.

Thursday 22nd

Mini Fun 2 -4 year olds.  Unless enough people get to do this then it will have to be cancelled.  Please put your number as well as your name.

Woodland Walk.    15.   4 5pm.  4 years and over.

A ride in the woods for beginners & Novices.  Please bring a leader 14 and over.

Dressage evening & Flatwork.             5 8pm        15

Dressage riding & Theory for all.  Most suitable for 8 years and over.  Adults welcome let me know if you will get there later than 5pm.  Novices or experienced riders

Prices for next term

These will include the first and last weeks of term.  They are also priced if you would like to do more than one as one half term & school holidays so you can choose activities you enjoy doing.

Summer term.        12 weeks plus half term

Tiny Tots.     2 -4 year olds.         This does not include the 1st and last weeks.             Wednesday.            1.45 2.45pm        60

                                                                                                                                                            Thursday                  1.30 2.30              60

Mini Pony Club      4 7 year olds                    Monday                    4.15 5.15pm        121

                                                                                    Wednesday              4 5pm                    132

                                                                                    Wednesday              4.30 5.30pm        132

Novice Pony Club              8 & over                    Tuesday                    4 -5pm                      142

                                                                                    Tuesday                    4.30 5.30pm        142

Main Pony Club                 7 11 year olds      Monday                    5.30 7.30pm        165

Main Pony Club                 10 & Over                Wednesday              5.30 7.30pm        180

                                                                                    Wednesday              6.30 8.30pm        180

                                                                                    Thursday                  5 7pm                    180

                                                                                    Thursday                  6 8pm                    180

Work Experience              8 & over                    Thursday                  4 5pm                    24

Adults           Not including 1st and last weeks.           Monday        7.45 9.15              146

                                                                                                Tuesday        6.15 7.45              142

                                                                                                Wednesday  10.30 12.30         142

                                                                                                Wednesday  8. 30 9.30pm       146


Monday 3RD MAY.              Monday 7TH JUNE.             Wednesday 23RD JUNE.                Thursday 24TH JUNE

Please choose what you would like to do for the first and last week of term and either put your name in the holiday book or phone me on 10327 857280.  Please also do the same for the ANNUAL SHOW 9TH MAY.   TRIPS OUT AND HALF TERM. PLUS ANY OTHER EVENTS.  Hope to see you all at our


OPEN DAY 10 4pm.

Bring a friend along to see all the fun you have.  Also the newsletter meeting.  Here you can have your say about your pony club.  4.30 6.30pm.