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  We have two Groups at the moment there is The Silverstone Group who meet on a Monday Evening they have been here for many years the riders all come independently.  And the Grafton Group’s riders come from St Andrews and Grafton Regis Manor. They meet on a Thursday Morning. We are hoping to start another group in the near future; we are at the moment on the second stage of setting it up. This will be in the day; will be known as Blackmires Group.

All groups are always pleased to welcome anyone who volunteers to help; there will always be something they can do. So please consider putting your name forward.  


We need to fund a New Facility, for the RDA we are hoping to convert part of the feed shed in which to house “EDDIE CANTOR” The Cantering Simulator. He is unable to canter at the moment as we do not have a suitable venue that complies with the Risk Assessment of all the new Health and Safety rules the RDA has drawn up. Any good ideas of how to raise funds. Part of the facility would be somewhere warm for the riders to wait or to have there stable management etc theory lessons.

I have also been looking into having a new building that we would use straw bales to build. So I am doing research at the moment. It would be very well insulated with the straw.

Monday Nights Group Barbecue in the Marquee before it blew away