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Pony club newsletter March / April 2010


Last week of Winter Term


We have a lot of activities for you to choice from.  This is why the forth and last week of term we do fun activities.  You have all worked hard for your badges and test.  You can now choice what you think is fun don’t have to come to your normal groups.



Tuesday 30th

Fun Evening                  £15.  4.30m – 6.30pm.


Come and have lots of fun with space hoppers, practise mounting on the barrel, giant sack race, and some fun riding & grooming.

Adult Fun.  £20   6.30 – 8.30pm.  For riders 16 & over.

Fun & games for the adults, grooming & riding.

Wednesday 31st

Show Jumping Evening.  £15. 4.30 – 8.30pm


If you don’t jump you can do poles.  If you can’t get there for 4.30pm come later, if you have to leave early no problems.

Learn to build a course.

Ride the course, finishing with a show jumping quiz.


Thursday 1st.                

Mini Fun     £10    1 – 2.30pm.          Riders 2 –5 years old.

Grooming, games – both mounted and dismounted

Show Preparation                   4 – 7pm      £15

Learn how to ride at a show, how to set up a show.  How to get a pony ready for a show.  Most suitable for 8 years & over.  Lead reins welcome but not suitable for complete beginner.


First week of summer term



Monday 19th

Mini Show  1 –3 pm approx   for riders 3 – 7 years  £6 / class 

Class 1        fancy Dress – dress yourself and pony

Class 2        Handy Pony – Ride round an obstacle course

Class 3        Gymkhana – Races

All classes are suitable for all young riders from beginner to experienced

Evening courses   4.30 – 7.30pm      £18

 Grooming, riding & stable management.

Lots of fun for everyone to get together.  Experienced riders and beginners.  If enough riders we will ride you in two groups.  Lead reins welcome.

Adult Fun   7.30 – 9.30pm      £20

Grooming, riding & stable management.  A fun evening for the 16 & over to get together.

Tuesday 20th

Games Evening    £15    4 – 6pm

Come and have a go at horse ball polo and more and have some fun with some dismounted games.  Lead reins or experienced riders welcome

Craft Evening       6 –8 pm      a small donation to the pony club

Come along and make a hobbyhorse or box horse to ride at the dismounted show.  If you are unable to do the show then come and make one for someone else.

PLEASE check holiday book to what you have to bring to make horses.

Wednesday 21st

Dismounted Show                   £2 / class     4 – 7pm

Have fun at a show without a real horse.  Ride a hobbyhorse or box horse or just do it on foot.  (Wear suitable running footwear)

Class 1        Best hand made box horse

Class 2        best hand made hobbyhorse

Class 3        Handy Pony

Class 4        Gymkhana

Class 5        Show Jumping (small)

Class 6        Show Jumping (large)

Class 7        Chase me Charlie (jumps get bigger)

Class 8        Dressage

Quiz Evening        7pm onwards       a small donation to the Pony Club

A few quizzes in teams

Questions on Pony Care; Saddlery; riding; show jumping; horse trivia & more

Thursday 22nd

Mini fun      1 – 2.30pm £10    2 –4 years

Lots of fun, grooming, riding, colouring & story time etc.

Woodland walk    4 –5 pm      £15

A ride in the woods for beginners.  Please bring a leader 14 and over.  Riders must be 4 years & over

Dressage Evening £20    5 –8 pm

Suitable for everyone who does not have a leader.  You can have a supporter / caller.  Have a go riding a dressage test.  Learn what the dressage judges are looking for.  Learn about the arena & movements.  Riding theory.

I hope to see you all over the fun month over Easter.

Please could you all have a look at a home to see if you have the disc with photos on from last year, as some people have not seen them yet.  I would like to collect them all back before I hand out next years. 

Many thanks Jane.