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Silverstone is a Pony Club Centre, Centres are for children who do not have their own pony, to give them the chance to do more practical work learning to look after the ponies as well as riding them.

There are different groups to suit all ages and standards. Most of the groups meet once a week in term time with special Events and competitions in School Holidays.

Each week they ride for - hour depending on the group to 1 hours stable management, working towards pony club tests (Tiny Tots and Adults do ABRS tests)

The children will learn how to measure stirrups, tighten girths etc. Lead pony, colours, parts of the pony untacking and grooming.  Later learning how to tack up, putting on rugs, boots and bandages.

I hope also in the future to arrange trips to shows like Olympia and other places of interest, as well as talks by experts like saddle fitters.

There are also badges to work towards these are on horsy subjects like handling, grooming, saddlery and other subjects of the countryside including bird watching, working dogs and lots more. 

I also run projects for the children to work on. Things like writing a book about one of the ponies. (With prizes for the best) learning things like colours, markings, breeds, types of girths, reins etc.

The Pony Club meets on Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the Riders are divided into groups according to riding standard and age. Because as a club is more of a social event than a normal lesson. I try to keep children together at a similar age. All ages are approximate (except teenagers) it just means the games and stable management will be planned for that age group. Parents and older siblings are encouraged to help the members and take an active part.



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