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All About me Questionaire.


Your Name


Your Age


Pony Club riding group


How long have you been a PC member?


E-mail address.  (Printed please)





2 or more

Going to this year

Have you done a PC camp @ Silverstone





Have you done a PC show @ Silverstone





Have you done an away show






Have you been on a PC trip e.g. HOYS





Have you visited Addington with PC





Have you done a holiday event or special event





Have you done a non-riding event e.g. quiz, BBQ, party etc.





Any other activity I may have missed







A few schools are offering riding as a school sport.  Do you have nice friendly schoolteacher who may allow their school to visit Silverstone?   Weekly, for activity week, do a GCSE in Horses, other. 


This would be easier if we could do it before PC.  Monday to be finished by 4.30pm; Tuesday to be finished by 4pm; Thursday to be finished by 4.30pm.  However we could fit around your requirements.


At present I (Jane) does Monday 1.30 2.30pm Tiny Tots; 

                                       Tuesday 2.30 3pm RDA;

                                                     3.15 3.45pm.  Stowe School;

                                       Wednesday.  10.30am 12.30pm Adult PC.

                                        Thursday.     1.30 2.30pm Tiny Tots


More things can be added if we have enough people.


Ideas from Fran & me (Jane) for new PC facilities are as follows.

  Storage Cupboard

  Rocking Horse

  Our Own Yard

  Out Door Space

  Tuck Shop

  Microwave oven , kettle


Our first Friday evening fun session will be on


Friday 5th March 2010


For ALL members.  4 9pm.


Activities to be decided; what would you like to do?


Activities for the younger member first.