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November 09

We have a few changes for the winter.  As Thursdays are very quiet at the moment.  Work experience will be from 4.30pm – 5.30pm as we’ve shortened this means the work experience members may join in the extra stable management.  Group 5 is now 5.30 – 7pm.  At the moment there is no group 6.  From January the group 1 will move from 5.45 to 4.30pm.  Tuesday.  This is so we can finish earlier as now is the middle of winter.  I am hoping to start a group for the older experienced teenagers and adults at 6pm on a Tuesday if I can get enough riders.  Everything else will stay the same.

For you Diary

Please try and read it as much as possible.  All our special events go in and all the dates for test for badges and when project need to be handed in.  I also find out about local horse events which you may like to go to.  Most of them are free.  We also organise trips to the top shows and in the diary will be details – costs etc.  If you find out about any horse events please feel free to put details in the diary.  The diary, holiday book, booking in file and notice board are all found on the table outside the pony club room along with newsletters etc.

Dates for your diaries.

26th Nov 09

Final date to book and pay for Christmas Party on Mon 21st Dec.

29th Nov 09

Trip to Robinson’s Tack Shop, Cannock.  (Up the A5 just North of Birmingham.  Meet there at 2pm.  Come and complete your Christmas Shopping.

7th - 10th Dec.  LAST NORMAL PONY CLUB

11th – 13th Dec.  Top Show Jumping at Hartpury.  Small charge.

Monday 14th Dec. 

1.30 – 2.30pm    Tiny Tots Gymkhana.      £5.00

4 -5 pm                 Gymkhana                          £10



Races for 4 -6 year olds.

5 – 6pm         Handy Pony             £10

Ride an obstacle course 4 – 8 year olds.

6 -7pm          Gymkhana              £10

Races for 7’s and over

7 -8 pm         Groom & Lesson    £10

For all ages - Fancy Dress.  Please remember your horse in fancy dress as well.

8 -9pm          Adult Games lesson         £15

Tuesday 15th December.

4 – 6pm.  Novice Games.  Both mounted and dismounted games for riders in group 1,2,3,4.                  £10

6 -8pm.         Games lesson.  Games for riders on groups 5,6,7,8.          £10

Wednesday 16th December.

4 -6 pm         Show jumping evening.  Riding and stable management with a show jumping theme.  Jumping in groups, starting very small for all those who want to jump. 

8 – 9pm.  Novice adult gymkhana.       £15.

Please come as near to 4pm as possible.

Friday 18th December

Trip to Olympia.

Saturday 19th December.

In hand show at Milton Keynes

A good show to get started at you.  You will be asked to lead the ponies not ride them be at yard at 10am to get ponies ready 1st class 1pm.

Sunday 20th December

Pony club show.  First class 11am.  Classes for all.  £5 / class.

Monday 21st December

Christmas party.    3 -6pm          £10

Tuesday 22nd December

10 – 12pm.  Fun Morning.   Grooming & lesson.     £15

1 – 3.30pm  Learn to jump lesson                    £18

Must be able to canter without help.  1 hour riding ½ hr theory.

3.30 – 5pm.  Experienced Jumping Lesson.  1 hr. Riding ½ theory.        £18.

Wednesday 23rd December.

11 – 3pm.  Mini Pony Day.   Grooming, riding, stable management.     £25


2nd & 3rd January.  Show jumping at Addington

4th – 7th January.  Pony club back to normal.  2010 for the term. 

8th – 10th January.  Show jumping at Solihull.

27th – 30th January.  Top Show Jumping at Addington

31st January.  Show Jumping at Silverstone.  Starting at 11am with poles on the ground.





February 2010.

11th. Money in for the British Open.

14th. Winter Woollies Show at Silverstone.  First class 11am.  Classes for ALL.


28th – PC   Berkhamstead, Herts.

March 2010.

Saturday 6th. Dressage at Western Lawns.

Sunday 7th.  11am – 1pm.  Tiny Tots Show.  2 – 5year olds.

2pm onwards.    Adults only Show

22nd – 25th   LAST PONY CLUB

26th – 27th.  Show Jumping at Addington.

28th. Finals of Pony Club quiz at Moreton Morrell.

29th March – 1st April.  Special Pony Club Activities.

April 2010


4th – 5th.  Show Jumping at Hollowell

9th. Trip to the British Open.  Adults £22.  Children £12.

14th – 18th.  Blue Chip Winter Show.  Jumping Finals Hartpury.  Free except a small charge for evening.  Adults Wednesday – Friday.   Children Friday – Sunday. 


Pony club catalogue

Jane has just received the new catalogue.   Jane is going to order some things for Pony Club if anyone wishes to order anything for Christmas Please let Jane have your money and order by 26th November.  Please make cheques payable to Silverstone Pony Club