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Pony Club February Plans 2010.

Monday 15th

Show Jumping Clinic with Show Jumper Michael Fursdon. 

Ύ hr, jumping lesson.  Times to be confirmed once numbers are known. 

Pony Club members £10 - £15, Non members £15 - £20.  All dependant on numbers.

Tuesday 16th

Show Preparation day.  10 – 4pm.  £35.

Grooming, riding, stable management, learn how to ride a horse in the ring and prepare for a show.  Most suitable for off lead reins.

Wednesday 17th

Fun Morning.  11am – 1pm.  £15.  Suitable for ages 4 – 9 years.  Beginners, novices. 

Grooming followed by a lesson

Work experience 9am – 5pm.  £5.  For members 8 years and over.  Come and learn what it’s like to work on a yard including a short ride.

Thursday 18th

½ Day Course.  9am – 1pm.  £20.   Suitable for all. 

Grooming, riding and stable management

Hack.  2 – 3pm.  £14.  Suitable for beginners and novices.  Please bring a leader 14 and over.  Probably down the lane.

Tiny tots Gymkhana.  3 -4 pm.  £10.  Races suitable for riders 2 – 5years old.

Friday 19th

Novice Pony Day.  10am – 4pm.  £35.  Grooming, riding and stable management.  Suitable for beginners, novices and intermediates in groups 1 – 4.  6 years and over.





Pony Club Winter Woollies Showing Show.

Sunday 14th February.  Start 11am.  £5 / class.

Class 1. Fancy Dress.

Dress rider and pony.

Class 2.  Lead Rein Pony

Rider under 10’s.  Pony under 12.2hands. 

Must be able to walk and trot on a pony on the end of a lead rein.

Class 3.  1st Ridden.

Rider 12 & under.   Pony 13.2 and under. 

Must be able to walk, trot and canter in open order.  NO lead reins.

Class 4.  Mountain and Moorland.

Ride a British Breed of pony.  Suitable for all.

Class 5.  Family Pony.

Pony suitable for all members of the family. 

Walk, trot, canter and a small jump.

Class 6.  Pony Club Pony / Riding Club Horse.

Walk, trot, canter and small jump