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 We offer ABRS TESTS leading to a Teaching Exam if you want to go that far. Or just take them to see how you are progressing or just for fun The Adult Pony Club take these ABRS Tests. As Pony Club ones are not appropriate to them.

 The Pony Club members have a large choice of Badges and Tests to take.

 The Pony Club’s new E Test is excellent for the Mini Members. Who are not able to do the Bronze Tests; that lead to the D Test.

 We are hoping to have Working Pupils. And do more using horses as a therapy that has such wonderful results and is very rewarding for every one.

 We were very lucky this summer as Jane arranged for Jeff Luckett to come and give Show Jumping lessons for the Pony Club and the Liveries. This was very successful. Below are some of the riders with Geoff Luckett.